Distributed Mining Marketplace

The increasing amount of hash-rate produced by our mining-facilities, is available through the utility of our ReEnergize token on our decentralized distributed mining-platform, which is going to act as a global marketplace for computing-power.

ReEnergize Mining-Platform

Thousands of home-miners and millions of gamers out there are in property of computingequipment. Those graphic cards could be used for crypto-mining especially thus people are not in use of all their hardware-resources all day long, even they`re in principle looking out for an opportunity to re-finance their initial hardware-costs. On the opposite side of the medal, cloud-mining is not always lucrative, especially within bear-markets especially through its high energy costs. In comparison to cloud-mining services thus our users won`t have to sign any long-term contract. The ReEnergize mining marketplace allows you to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies just in time, whenever and wherever you want to. Therefore, let us build the platform which brings buyers and sellers together, allowing them to distribute their computing power in a decentralized way.

ReEnergize Marketplace vs. Home-/Cloud-Mining