Slowing down the costs of Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining Ecosystem

Our Thermo-Catalytic-Cracking machine (TCC) produces crude materials out of waste through its recycling process of scrapped tires, e-waste, plastic as well all other kinds of organic waste into its natural raw-substances. While gas and oil are used to produce free electricity to supply energy for crypto-mining, all other output-goods will be sold to a variety of industries to provide liquidity for new mining-hardware. Its computing power can be purchased as hashrate through our mining-marketplace in advantage using the ReEnergize-token. The marketplace further scales based on the integration of additional decentralized-distributed computing-power from gamers and home-miners globally.


Mining - our Proof of Concept

We are highly experienced on crypto-mining since parts of our team had been involved into the establishment of bitTex in the late 2016. The company quickly became one of the largest European Ethereum miners in 2017, providing network stability through data-centers which in sum include more than 15.000 graphic cards. Later on, we extended our skill-set to a variety of GPU mining-algorithms as well to the ASIC and FPGA mining technologies. Our facilities are now placed within modular constructed mining-containers, including proved cooling-systems to provide high-end performance through the minimum of an energy-consumption.

Mining Partners

Our team is heavily involved into the crypto-space for more than 3 years, since we first partnered to Austrian crypto mining companies in terms of sales, marketing and businessdevelopment in favor for their success. Up to now our partners built-up hardware in worth of more than 15 Million Euro on a GPU and ASIC basis and maintains all of it in a professional way simultaneously. bitTex acts as a co-operation and consulting-partner especially for the GPU-mining section, while a co-operation to Bitkern enables us to source essential ASIC knowhow and further insights into a new field of programmable mining through the invention of FPGA and further upcoming developments on mining-hardware.

Thermo Catalytic Cracking

The Thermo-Catalytic-Cracking machine (TCC) is our core component and unique selling proposition as it re-transforms all kind of organic-waste into its natural resources. A largescaled TCC machine is able to recycle tons of waste per hour into crude materials – As a kind of new energy power plant, electrical power can be produced through our facilities.

Academic studies & University co-operations

The ReEnergize project includes co-operation with Universities in Slovakia and Austria. The technologies’ research and development progress came along with a variety of long-term academic studies. Some of those research papers had been publicly sponsored through cooperation with EU-programs or have been honored on invention-competitions for sustainable technical innovations. Through years of work in the field of research & development, the TCCs inventor “Eduard Buzetzki” constructed several series of prototypes along the up-scaling progress of the underlying technology. After all, the most suitable set-up was evaluated, which finally was the basis of the TCC-technology as we know it today.

Our working TCC-Prototype

An early version of the TCC is has made accessible for the Faculty of Chemical & Food Technology of the University of Bratislava in Slovakia, while another prototype later on was installed at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in Austria. Apart from university cooperations a first large prototype including the modification of our TCC-technology runs for years now. In fact, these machines transform up to 3 tons of scrapped-tires per hour into gas, oil, carbon and steel. As another working proof-of-concept these TCC-units are located inside the the EU and already producing energy close to 4MW per hour. Referring to out USP more than 80% of our new energy power-plant is based on a bio-chemical innovation while the technical constructional part fulfils the invention. Compared to low-quality competitors which don`t have a sustainable working product, the ReEnergize TCC machine, runs without the sideeffect of harmful emissions as a by-product (referring to the EU standards of oil/gas).